Bridal Hair Mondays – A Waterfall Braid Updo – How to Decorate

Oh it seems to be Monday again – how quick does that weekend go? I hope you had an excellent one and had some time to follow your current obsession, what ever that may be.  I spent half the night on You Tube watching video’s about effective communication, sounds boring eh? but honestly if you want some tips on how to use your body language and how the phrases you say to influence how people behave around you, this guy is worth checking out.

Right that’s enough about my weekend, lets get to our regular Monday topic of bridal hairstyles.  As usual I’ve spent some time (read a lot of time) on Pinterest generally and I’ve found the perfect hairstyle to talk about today.  Here it is, it was originally posted on

wedding style

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Pretty isn’t it, for what I can see, it uses the waterfall braid technique to create the look. I think it may work with shortish hair, if you can tie it up, you should be able to pull of this look.  Now on to decorating it.

What Accessories to wear with this bridal hairstyle?

The thing that screams out at me the most when it comes to decoration of this hairstyle, is small hairpins dotted around the back.  Keep them relatively small to allow the detail of the braid to show, like our Trio Pearl and Diamante Hairpins.

wedding style

Another type of accessory that would work well with this type of hairstyle is a hairvine like our Emma Pearl Hairvine.  Anchor one end to the beginning on the waterfall braid and weave it in.

wedding style

There’s a few more hairvines that you might want to take a look at here – bridal hairvines.

What wouldn’t I team with this bridal Hairstyle?

If you’ve been following these bridal hair monday posts, then you might be able to pre-empt my next statement. I am a fan of the traditional shape tiara but not without some height at the crown, which this hairstyle doesn’t have. So something as tall as our Shelly Tiara shown below is a no no.

wedding style

If you really want to wear a tiara though, opt some something very short like our Athena tiara.  I’ll not post a photo of it as it’s featured quite a few times on the Monday Bridal Hair Posts.

I’ve had to think  about the next thing I’m going to say for a while, and I’ve had a bit of a does it, doesn’t it moment. I’ve finally decided that a hair comb wouldn’t work well with this hairstyle, there’s just no natural place for it to go.  Maybe you could get away with wearing small combs such as these to the side, but I’m really not sure, what do you think?

wedding style

As always I want to know what products from the shop that you would chose to decorate this bridal hairstyle.  Post the link to your favourites below and pin them to your Pinterest boards so I can check them out.

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