Cats Wedding Hair Vine

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a bride to be who asked me to create a bridal hair vine for her wedding day.  Cat had a very clear idea of the type of wedding vine she wanted and I’ve written a previous blog post which can be read here  – Bridal Hair vines.  Cat’s hair vine was the one shown in the bottom photo.

Cat sent me a few photos of her wedding day and she’s allowed me to share them with you.  As you can see her hair dresser has done a fantastic job with her bridal hair.  Cat had also added frosted leaves to her hair which I think was a fantastic idea.

wedding style

Cat’s style was simple and elegant which you can see from the image below.  Her choice of a hair vine over a tiara helped with her relaxed fun theme.

wedding style

A variation on Cat’s hair vine can be found here – Cat Crystal Hair Vine.  This hair vine has been created with clear AB beads in the place of frosted clear beads which was Cat’s choice.  If you want a bespoke bridal accessory created for you, contact me using the contact form and we can discuss your ideas and work within your budget.

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