1. Cat Storm

    Thanks Kerrie for making my hair vine! It was so pretty and I got a lot of comments on the day. I ended up wearing both 6 inch vines you made for me, as well as some frosted leaf beads I found elsewhere to add some variety into the hairstyle. It was so nice wearing a hair vine – I didn’t want a veil and tiara’s just didn’t suit my style. I did want something to make my hairstyle sparkle and make it that little bit extra special – and the hair vine did just that! It was great working with you as well – you were so responsive and it felt like you shared my excitement in making just the right hair vine for me. Thank you so much!!! Cat x

  2. Kerrie G

    Thanks Cat – you’re right I do get excited, just can’t help it. I find it very rewarding knowing that I’ve helped make someone else’s wedding as perfect as they want it to be, even if it’s just a tiny part of it. x

  3. Ella J

    I’m having my hair similar to Cats and I was sure how to decorate it. But I’m definately going to get a hair vine now and maybe some pins. I hope my hair dresser knows what to do with them!

  4. Kerrie G

    Hi Ella,

    Each vine has a loop (usually) at the end so they pin really easily in place just by threading a normal hair grip through the loop and into the hair. The hairvines are flexible enough to be bent and twisted into the hair but rigid enough to keep their shape so if you’re wearing your hair similar to Cats then a grip at each end will be fine. If you’re not twisting it into the hair you might want to slide a grip over the wire and into the hair at the middle of the vine for extra security.

  5. Vicky Baxter

    I was just looking for a hair vine and found your page about Cat – I would like my hair EXACTLY like this for my African wedding.
    How much would it be to make a vine similar?
    Thank you

  6. Hi Vicky I’ve just sent you an email. Cat wore two 6 inch vines to get the look she achieved and she added those pretty frosted leaves in herself.

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